2019 Package Bee Updates

Hello Apiarian’s,

March 4th 2019;

Package bee shipments, and pick ups are tentative for several reasons, two reasons go hand in hand. The cool & wet weather in California is delaying colony build up, and queen rearing. I spoke with my supplier in California, and I asked if he was feeding protein so it does not affect colony build up that results from lake of pollen with the cool & wet weather in California. He assured me they were feeding pollen to help with this. He also assured me all of their colonies were fine with the over abundance of rain, and they were on high ground away from any flooding that is happening. Pray for good build up, and queen rearing weather in California this Winter, and Spring while we wait for our bees.

So here are some tentative dates for Alaska beekeepers pick up locations.

  1. 1st Shipment, almost full; Eagle River April 14 2019, and the following morning the Northern, and Fairbanks pick ups are April 15 2019.
  2. 2nd Shipment, still a little room; Anchorage, Kenai Peninsula, and Mat-Su Valley pick up is April 21 2019
  3. 3rd Shipment, almost half full; Mat-Su Valley April 25 2019
  4. Depending on volume A 4th shipment is on schedule if needed, on May 2nd 2019 

My Northern, and Fairbanks load is almost full, and will consider another trip up on my 3rd shipment. I know since we all lost a supplier for the Alaska Northern areas (my friend Stephen Peterson retired), I will be pressed to supply more bees to Fairbanks, and the Delta areas. Please do not hesitate if you want to order bees from me, I am ready to assist. I continue to take orders for all areas, I am not restricted by numbers.

Anchorage, Eagle River, and Kenai Peninsula may order on my third shipment after the 2nd one is full, but I will have to have you pick bees up in the Mat-Su Valley pick up location, unless I can find a cooperator for those areas. I can probably find cooperators in Anchorage, and Eagle River, we will see.

I know a delay for pick up may be a inconvenience to some, if this is the case please inform me of an alternate person to call for pick up. Getting bees to Alaska Safely means pick up dates are tentative, and can change for the bees sake, not ours.

Keith Malone



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