Order Bees

For documentation please email your package bee order, also I use email to create a time line for orders to be fair to all.

Email orders to klm@gci.net

I need the following information to book an order;

1. Name
2. Area for pick up / General location
3. How many Package bees desired / also add extra queens if desired
4. Strains desired
5. Phone numbers
6. If you do not have email you can phone your order to me, but I really do prefer email orders. 907-242-0588
7. How you prefer to pay, keeping in mind the $8.00 per package charge for credit card payments.

Making Payment

Please prepay by mid March. Payment is not to be made to pick up cooperators or at any pick up location. Please USPS mail me a check payment, or I can receive payment using credit card. Inform me when you email your order, and I will invoice you according to the type payment you prefer.

Credit Card payments will have a $8.00 service charge added to each package bee ordered.

when emailing order inform me what payment method you prefer, so I can invoice you with Squareup.com if you want.

Don’t forget I add $8.00 per package bee for credit charges.
When placing an order please inform me if you want to make payment using these two methods by credit card, so I can add the service charge to your total.

Please make payment when paying by check, or money order out to Keith Malone, or “Alaska Honey Bee”.

Package bee distribution dates are tentative.

Pay attention to shipment number, and dates designated to areas. Your confirmation email will show your shipment number. Such as shipment 1, 2, or 3. Save your emails so you may reference your shipment number, and not have to email me to retrieve this important pick up information.

Send Payment to;

Keith Malone
Alaska Honey Bee
P.O. Box 671092
Chugiak, AK 99567

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